The boys

Spring 2005 Results

Kings Point @ SUNY Maritime W    37-12

Kings Point kicked off their spring season opener with a rout against SUNY Maritime on April 5th. The teams we mismatched coming into the game and KP proved it. With a final score of 37-12, some were left to wonder what the final score would have been if the game was 80 minutes instead of a shortened 60. KP made a few mistakes but SUNY found it impossible to capitalize, whereas KP capitalized on almost every SUNY mistake. The KP back line ran circles around the opposing back line, sometimes making it look like no one was contesting them. The KP forwards owned SUNY’s throughout the entire match; Sophomore Hooker Anthony Aiello was able to award the ball to the KP scrum numerous times in opposing scrums with the powerful push from the rest of the forwards. Sophomore Lock Aaron Rockwell spoiled more than half of SUNY’s lineouts.

The game started with numerous penalties by KP, but between KP’s relentlessness and SUNY’s inability to function, KP shortly got in control and stayed that way. Once the KP backs got their hands on the ball they were half way down the field before the opposition could react. Senior Fullback Jordan Iannacchino finished off an early drive with a score in the corner of the try zone. (Kick no good)(5-0) Soon after KP spoiled an opposing scrum and Sophomore 8 man Nic Hammers picked and dished it to Sophomore Flanker Scott Holub who was able to drive it in for another KP try. (Kick good)(12-0) With KP soon driving down field again, Senior Fly Half Tom (t-bag) LeVac kicked a drop goal from the 22. (15-0) This demoralized SUNY since drop goals are rarely seen in collegiate rugby. After a few penalties by KP, SUNY was able to push the ball the rest of the way to get their first try of the match. (Kick no good)(15-6) Closing in on the end of the first half, Holub finished off another KP drive with his second score. (Kick no good)(20-6)

At the beginning of the second half, KP was able to spoil another scrum, resulting in another 8-man pick by Hammers who rumbled down the field before giving it off to Freshman Flanker Duncan Gills who took it the rest of the way for an early score. (Kick good)(27-6) After a few minutes of trading possession, SUNY was able to squeeze into the try zone for their final score. (Kick no good)(27-12) In retaliation, Hammers drove it into the try zone and put the game out of reach. (Kick no good)(32-12) In the last minute of the game, Gills was able to touch down a loose ball in the try zone for his second score and the final points of the match. (Kick no good)(37-12)

Kings Point Rugby Football Club will face its next challenge April 9th when they travel to Randall’s Island, NY to play in the annual Big Apple Classic Collegiate Rugby Tournament. The 1st game starts at 9 and is against Stonybrook.


Beast Of The East Results:
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"Glenn, so how much is the noise charge"
"You're loud munching on the pretzel sticks are keeping everyone up"
"We scored a lot, and we played some rugby too"
"One Hand on the Mouth, One Hand Choking, it's called the KP"
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