The Suspects

The boys
2006Boozer, Charles A           (Booze)
2006Hutchinson, Harry R.       (Hutch)
2006Newell, Kelsey M.            (Momma Bear)
2006Smeglin, Christopher E.  (Ice, Peanutbutter Wolf)
2008Gills, Robert                     (Gildo)
2008Graham, Michael              (Bitch Ass)
2008Rall, Nicholas                   (Robo-Cop)
2008Rupinski, Darin                (Rupo)
2008Brittain, Caleb                  (Brit)
2008Frain, Patrick                   (Frain Train)
2008Lazowick, Nicholas          (Laz)
2008Parsons, Kevin                 (Lil Timmy)
2008Garlock, Ben                   (Gar-lick)



Tony: the bald hooker in blue

Anthony Connors: Coach Tony (Captain Hook)


Started playing in 1996 at Seton Hall University, was captain before the end of his first year there and remained captain until graduation. He started every game for 4 years and earned forward of the year and player of the year honors in that time. Tony earned a spot on the Met Union NY Collegiate all star team for 3 straight years. He further exemplified great play by snatching a position on the Northeast Collegiate All-Star Team for 2 straight years (1999 & 2000). Tony played in national collegiate all-star games (ITT's) as both a hooker and flanker for the Northeast Club. After an impressive college career Tony decided to take his game to the next level, that level: New Zealand.


While in New Zealand he continued to wreck house, in the North Harbour province he played for East Coast Bays Rugby Football Club as a hooker and prop on the Senior First and Senior Second sides.


Tony then played 2nd Grade Rugby League for the Tigers, also Based in North Harbour. He played league as a wing and fullback on the first team.


Tony is currently playing for the Bayonne Bombers Rugby Club in New Jersey, a division 1 men’s club. Tony is the starting Hooker and a former of Vice-Captain of the Bombers.


Coaching experience includes the Met Union NY collegiate All-Stars, and is currently coaching at Kings Point. Also currently playing for the Met Union NY select side and the Northeast All Stars.


Yea Tony get those bastards


Dude that's your teamate, get your fingers out of his eye


whatcha lookin at?? huh?


HOLY COW!!! is that Coach Tony smiling?!?!


We love hookers!!!